November 2020

Suhair Ahmed was elected to win the prize for excellent scientific performance in a family phase by Clausthal University of Technology for her master thesis Investigating the Role of Pedestrian Groups in Shared Spaces through Simulation Modeling, written within the MEC research group.

February 2020

2nd Place Best Blue Sky Idea Award at the 34th AAAI conference with the paper Explaining Decisions in Multi-Agent Environments by Sarit Kraus, Amos Azaria, Jelena Fiosina, Maike Greve, Noam Hazon, Lutz Kolbe, Tim-Benjamin Lembcke, Jörg P. Müller, Sören Schleibaum, and Mark Vollrath

September 2015

Runner-up best paper award of the MATES 2015 Conference with the Paper An agent-based voting architecture for traffic applications by Sophie Dennisen and Jörg P. Müller

March 2015

Teaching Prize of TU Clausthal for innovative didactical concepts of the Bachelor course Informatikwerkstatt for Michaela Huhn and Jörg P. Müller by Sophie Dennisen and Jörg P. Müller

December 2014

The bachelor thesis of Carsten Hesselmann on mapping feature models into a product data management system, written within the MEC research group, was elected to win a sponsorship award by the association of friends of Clausthal University of Technology.

June 2014

Finalist and runner-up (2nd out of 30 contestants) in the Kuka Innovation award 2014 with demonstrator Self-organized Transportation of Work Pieces in Industrial Environments for Maksims Fiosins and Jörg P. Müller from TU Clausthal (joint work with Bernardo Wagner, LU Hannover, and Lars Wolf, TU Braunschweig)

September 2013

Runner-up best paper award of the MATES 2013 Conference with the Paper Similarity-Based Resource Retrieval in Multi-Agent Systems by Using Locality-Sensitive Hash Functions by Malte Aschermann and Jörg P. Müller

September 2006

Best Paper Award of eChallenges 2006 Conference, Barcelona, Spain for the paper Using Onion Routing to Secure Peer-to-Peer Supported Business Collaboration by Udo Bartlang and Jörg P. Müller