Prof. Dr. Jörg P. Müller

Consultation hours upon request (during COVID)

I am a Full Professor of Computer Science at the Department of Informatics at Clausthal University of Technology. I have been Managing Director of the Department of Informatics since 2008, and I am currently the Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics/Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering. I hold a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Universität des Saarlandes (1996) in the area of Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Agents and Multiagent Systems. Prior to becoming a professor, I obtained ten years of industrial research experience in agent technology and peer-to-peer computing, working for Siemens Corporate Technology (1999-2006), John Wiley and Sons (1998-1999), and Mitsubishi Electric (1996-1998).

My current research interests cover the broad area of modelling and simulation of socio-technical systems, coordination and intelligent systems. A long-term research focus is on agent-based modelling and simulation in the area of intelligent transport systems and future connected traffic systems. I served on numerous conference committees in the area of AI, intelligent agents and multi-agent systems and have co-authored over 250 scientific publications.

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Office: Room 201, Julius-Albert-Str. 4
Phone: (+49) 5323 72 7141